Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order my wedding cake?

First use the wedding cake designer tool to customise your wedding cake. Follow the instructions to select number of tiers, flavours, design theme and colours. When you are finished, click on order now to buy or book your cake. It  will be made and delivered according to your instructions on your wedding day.

2. How delicious will it taste?
We promise 110% of your money back if your cake does not taste absolutely delicious. You can pick between four unique flavours or a mixture of Vanilla sponge with buttercream, Belgian Chocolate with chocolate ganache, Champagne sponge with vanilla buttercream or Rich fruit cake.

3. How and when does my cake arrive?

We will try and deliver your cake no later than 6 hours before the start of your wedding. Your cake is delivered in a secure boxed packaging to your wedding venue or delivery address.


4. What are the real dimensions of your wedding cake?
A round stacked three tier wedding cake measures 10″/8″/6″ and should serve about 120 guests.  While a four tier cake is 10″/8″/6″/ 4″ in dimension and should serve about 130. Each layer is about four inches thick.

5. What Extras can I order?
You can add vanilla flavoured cup cakes and cookies to your order too.  

6. What’s the minimum notice period required?
We require a minimum of 21 days notice to make a wedding cake.

7. Can I book my wedding cake?
Yes, booking fee is a non refundable £50. You will get a booking confirmation email sent with details of payment deadline and link to full payment. You must make full payment by deadline date and time.

What happens if I don’t pay in full by deadline date?
Your order will be automatically cancelled and your deposit forfeited.

9. What if I want to make design or order changes?
You can alter the design of your cake, add more extras or edit delivery information by simply logging into your account and clicking on check order status. This will bring you to a page called order details where you can make changes. Please note you will not be able to make changes  to your order once your wedding date is within the minimum notice period of 21 days or your order status shows work in progress/awaiting delivery.

10.  Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order at anytime but you should read our terms and conditions to find out if you will be entitled to a refund. We also advise you to call customer service or send an email to  Click for terms and conditions.


Yes we offer free delivery by specialist courier to venues across the UK within 100 miles of Bedfordshire. Areas outside of a 100 miles radius will incur a delivery charge.

12When will I get my cake?
We set a deadline of an estimated 6hrs before the start of your wedding service and aim to always achieve this target. However, if for any reason you have not received your wedding cake by this time, then we advise that you immediately call customer support.

13. Can I hire a stand or get help with set up?
We do not offer a stand for hire or set up service. We suggest that you inform catering/banqueting staff at the venue of your wedding reception to help accept delivery and set up. You can include them as your contact when entering or editing delivery information.


14. How do I pay for my cake?
We only accept payment online using Paypal and Paymentsense. You can pay with all major debit and credit cards. A confirmation email will be sent by us and your receipt should follow.


15. What is your Quality Assurance guarantee?
Because we do not offer a consultation or tasting service we will offer you a 110% moneyback guarantee if your cake is not made to the highest quality craft or is not absolutely delicious.

16. Why not send taste samples by post?

We used to. But they get ruined all too often,