Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Vgcakes.co.uk  provides an online tool for you to customise a traditional, stacked, round shaped, three or four tier, Vintage Glamour style wedding cakes . We believe this tool is sufficient to gather all the information we need to make the cake with the customising options on offer whilst also giving the customer a unique wedding cake design experience.

We therefore provide no other tasting or consultation service. However, should you wish to discuss any aspects of your cake not covered online before booking or ordering you can call the studio or send an email to info@vgcakes.co.uk.


The wedding cake designer tool allows you to create a model of the wedding cake you want. We however cannot guarantee an exact match for your real cake. We can only promise to deliver a cake that closely matches the model selected as much as possible and will consult you to offer new ideas in the event that your preferred designs can’t be made for whatever reason.

Payment and Cancellation
We require that you pay the full amount of the cost of your wedding cake by a maximum of 21 days before the event or delivery date. We will notify or invoice you by email four weeks prior to your event or delivery date. We will refund only 25% of the full amount paid for any cancellation made within three weeks of the original event delivery date and £0 for cancellations request made with just one week before the event or delivery date.  

A non refundable deposit of £50 is required to book your customised cake online. All payments are made online via PayPal. PayPal accepts all major debit and credit cards. If you cancel your order after making a full payment and meet the conditions for a refund the non refundable booking fee of £50 will be deducted from total amount.

We offer free delivery by specialist courier to venues or places within 100 miles radius of our partner production centre in Bedfordshire. Deliveries to areas outside a 100 miles radius of our production studio in Bedfordshire will carry an extra charge. We can deliver to venues at a pre-arranged time or liaise with the contact of your choice to deliver at the best possible time.

All wedding cakes are delivered in boxed packaging by courier and should be handled with care. We will ensure your cake arrives in the best possible condition and provide full instructions for unpacking. We do not take any responsibility for any damage done to your cake whilst unpacking. Unpacking your cake should be simple enough but we recommend asking catering/banqueting staff to help unpack and set up. Please note we do not offer a set up or stand for hire service.

Alterations can be made to your design online once you’ve ordered/booked your wedding cake and up to a maximum of three weeks before the event or delivery date. Please note you will not be able to make any changes once work has started on your order or the order status shows work in progress/awaiting delivery. You may also amend the amount of any extras ordered e.g cupcakes up to three weeks prior to delivery date. We will send an amendment confirmation email and any extra payments must be made before your order can be delivered.

Dietary requirements
We are happy to discuss any dietary requests you might have but do NOT do eggless cakes. We cannot guarantee your cakes will not contain eggs as they are made in an environment where eggs are used quite often. However, all other requests on allergies such as free from nuts or alcohol can be made. Our partner production studio is fully registered and scores the highest mark of any food inspection. We recommend you call or email customer service to discuss any requirements.

In-edible items
We advise that you remove any in-edible item before serving your cake. In-edible items include ribbons, flowers etc. We will not accept any responsibility for harm done due to ingesting or playing with in-edible items used as part of your cake design.

Quality guarantee
Our wedding cakes are produced by international award winning cake makers with over twenty years experience of design craft and baking to customer specifications. We therefore offer a quality assurance or 110% money back guarantee if your wedding cake design is not of the highest quality craft or the cake does not taste absolutely delicious.

Half price offer promotions

The terms of our half price or 50% discount promotions is that you agree to provide us with a picture of the couple and wedding cake and testimonial, a maximum one month after your wedding date.