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Fans of Wedding Dress Factorty get 50 cupcakes completely free.

Fans of Wedding Dress factory outlet, get 50 cupcakes completely free.    Read More

Butterfly wedding cakes

Butterfly wedding cakes adds a soulful touch to a wedding cake. It was said that Cupid..    Read More

Guide to wedding cake prices

Wedding cake prices will differ depending on what you want and whom you are buying from. Local bakeries, supermarkets and wedding cake makers are the main providers. Wedding cakes get more expensive as you move through that list from left to right.    Read More

White wedding cakes

White wedding cakes come in different sizes. From the ultra elegant eight tier royal wedding cake to the three or four tiers you can customise online. They are the classic choice for brides opting to marry vintage style, because if we are honest most bri    Read More

Wedding Cupcakes

Buy wedding cupcakes as insurance just in case your wedding cake isn’t enough to go round depending on the number of guests at your wedding. Buying cupcakes is easy.    Read More

Cheap Wedding Cakes

Cheap wedding cakes can be bought online from supermarkets and local bakeries. If you are getting married on a budget, then you can save money by opting for a standard sponge cake selection from their product offerings.    Read More

Wedding Cake Stands

Make sure wedding cake stands for setting up your wedding cake or cupcakes can be supplied by the venue or hired. Here are the three we most recommend for displaying three or four tier cakes.    Read More

Wedding cake recipes

Wedding cake recipes are just as easy to follow as any other food preparation steps.    Read More

Fun wedding cake toppers

Use fun wedding cake toppers to make a statement or illustrate a feeling that describes the fun part of your relationship. It could be cheeky, romantic or sexy.    Read More

Wedding Cake Designs Steps

A wedding cake is like a piece of art. It takes time to bake, design and craft a true masterpiece. To come up with your perfect wedding cake design ideas,    Read More