Fun wedding cake toppers

Use fun wedding cake toppers to make a statement or illustrate a feeling that describes the fun part of your relationship. It could be cheeky, romantic or sexy. We know you love each other, otherwise why get married?  Your wedding cake topper is symbolic and will be immortalised in your wedding pictures so choosing wedding cake toppers that captures the fun essence of your relationship is a great idea.

Fun wedding cake toppers come in different types. Some are classy sugary flowers, simple monochrome alphabets or figurines made of resin or clay. The clay figurines look a bit bulky to me but are cheaper and with many creative models to choose from.

Sugary flowers and monochrome are elegant and will look good on any cake. But if you are looking for something more fun then try the resin figurine types. Wedding cake toppers with figurines made with resin are quiet popular so you will find many fun models to choose from. You can see the example images in this blog. Come here, leg wrap, picture perfect and many more are examples of the choices you have.

Prices for wedding cake toppers range from about £5.99 to £35, you can order from or ebay if you like but some other specialist wedding websites sell their own creations where you can find something unique to crown your cake.

Here at vgcakes using our customiser you can choose sugary flowers of different colours or monochrome alphabets but if you feel you want something more fun, then by all means tell us. Call us or email after booking or buying your cake. You can order your wedding cake topper and have it shipped to our production studio near Dunstable in Bedfordshire. We will be glad to use it as part of your customised wedding cake design. Call or contact us for further instructions.

Monocrome alphabets and sugar flowers. Design your wedding cake online.