Guide to wedding cake prices

Wedding cake prices will differ depending on what you want and whom you are buying from. Local bakeries, supermarkets and wedding cake makers are the main providers.  Wedding cakes get more expensive as you move through that list from left to right. That means bakeries offer the lowest prices and wedding cake makers are often more expensive than supermarkets.

What type of cake does your heart desire? And how much should you expect it to cost? Consider your budget and make sure you include cost of delivery and wedding cake stands if required.  As a rule of thumb, the bigger the cake, the more exotic the flavours and the more customised the design required, the more expensive the cake. 

If on a tight budget then expect to pay £100 - £250 for off the shelf bakery or supermarket standard sponge or fruit 3 tier wedding cakes. Off the shelf means no customisation with your own specific colour or design theme and often one flavour for the whole cake. These cakes are a great choice for those on a budget especially if you can pick up in store or delivery is free.

Three tier wedding cakes with your own unique design or mixture of flavours cost an average of £350 from wedding cake makers or online retailers.  Meet with wedding cake makers to discuss the different flavours on offer and take a look at their gallery for design inspiration or easily design wedding cake online.

Some local wedding cake makers may offer discounts if you order say six months before your wedding day. Everyone probably knows a lady round the corner who makes wedding cakes. These cake makers will always try to offer you something nice for your budget.

Vintage glamour cakes are priced at £377 for three tiers and £457 for four tiers. These cakes are made using only fresh ingredients and are of high quality craftsmanship.  You can customise a three or four tier cake with your choice of flavours and design theme here. Our wedding cake prices include free delivery to venues within  one hundred miles of Bedfordshire. If you have any questions or comments contact us.

High end or luxury three or four tier wedding cakes cost between £750 and £2000. If this falls within your budget then please contact us or search online for couture wedding cakes.