Wedding Cake Designs Steps


A wedding cake is like a piece of art. It takes time to bake, design and craft a true masterpiece. To come up with your perfect wedding cake design ideas, consider the following points.

1. Budget

On this site we sell a three tier wedding cake for £377 and a four tier is priced at £457. Generally, three tier cakes serve up to 120 guests whilst a four tier cake should serve 130. If you are having more guests consider adding on our vanilla flavoured cup cakes and cookies as extras together with your wedding cake. You can do this after customising your wedding cake.

couple sharing wedding cake

2. Number of tiers and shape

Wedding cake designs come in different shapes and number of tiers. We offer three or four tier round, stacked vintage glamour style wedding cakes. Other options include square rectangular and other mix shapes.

3. Icing color

White and Ivory are the main icing colours for vintage or traditional cakes. Some wedding cake makers offer other icing colours such as blue, purple or orange. You can choose to have your cake made with an icing colour that matches your own big day colour theme if you are going for a more contemporary design. Classic vintage designs use elements such as ribbons and toppers to match your chosen colour theme, which look more glamorous and sophisticated.

4. Flavours

Next you need to consider the flavours and fillings you desire. You obviously want your wedding cake to not only look gorgeous but also taste absolutely delicious. Before making your choice, consider which flavours are likely to be most popular amongst your guests as well.

Rather than having just one flavour for the whole cake, you can choose a mixture of different flavours for each tier so your guests can have what they prefer. Here at you have a choice of four mouth-watering flavours or a mixture of them to choose from.

These flavours are the most satisfying to wedding guests. We offer a 110% money back guarantee if your cake does not taste absolutely delicious. Design your wedding cake online. Or learn more about our quality assurance guarantee.

Vanilla sponge with strawberry preserve

5. Design

The design is what makes your wedding cake eye catching. Customise with design elements and a matching colour theme that tells a story which can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

The main design elements available to customise on this site are the pipping patterns and ribbons. Pipping patterns such as flowers/petals, hearts and butterflies send out a message of Love and fun.

While others like filigree, branches and pearls add more depth and sophistication to your showpiece. You can also choose between conventional and bow ribbons and in your chosen colours.

6. Toppers

Wedding cake toppers can be fun, traditional or romantic. Choose toppers that have a crowning effect on the overall wedding cake design to make it more elegant. We offer sugar flowers in white or in the design colour and monochrome alphabets for personalised initials.

In conclusion go through the steps above with a wedding cake maker to come up with your perfect wedding cake or easily design your wedding cake  online