Wedding cake recipes


Wedding cake recipes are just as easy to follow as any other food preparation steps.  However, it does take time to design one that will look the part for an occasion like a wedding.  While we recommend hiring an experienced wedding cake maker or wedding cake designer, making your own wedding cake is not difficult.

First decide on which cake flavour you want and the number of servings required. Generally, a three tier cake with dimensions of 10 inches/8 inches/6 inches will serve up to 120, while a four tier cake with dimensions of 10/inches/8inches/ 6inches/4 inches will serve about 130. Next you will need the following:

  1. Baking pans
  2. Cake boards
  3. Cake flavour recipe
  4. Cake filling
  5. Cake tins
  6. Frosting
  7. Plastic covering or wraps
  8. Pastry brush
  9. Ribbons/ cake decorations
  10. Dials/sticks
  11. Serrated knife

 Step 1. Mix your cake flavour and filling. You can use boxed cake mixes if your prefer.

Step 2.  Frost using butter cream, fondant or royal icing

Step 3.  Assemble cake boards and dials

Step  4: Bake each layer, preferably 48 hours before your wedding, let it cool, wrap and freeze

Step 5:  Defrost  about  10 -12 hours before your wedding day

Step 6:  Place each tier on its own separate cake board, cover with filling and frost

Step 7:  Insert dials/sticks to support the layers.

Step 8 : Stack the cake on top of each other

Step 9:  Add pipping or decorative patterns

Here are a couple of wedding cake recipes videos that I recommend.