Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding cake stands for setting up your wedding cake or cupcakes can be supplied by catering or banqueting staff at your wedding reception venue or hired from a local wedding cake maker, often for a small fee and £50 deposit.

You should already have someone who will receive the delivery of your wedding cake and help with setting up. This is often a friend, family member or venue staff. When ordering at VG Cakes we ask you to include this person's name as contact for delivery.

There are different types of wedding cake stands, depending on the style of cake you are buying or how you will prefer them to be displayed. Some wedding cakes are displayed on stands which appear at a 45 degree angle, some on a configuration of three pillars of different heights one for each separate tier and others on a single base.

Cake stands can be round or square made of acrylic, plastic or metal. Here at Vintage Glamour Cakes we recommend you use one of the stands below for displaying a three or four tier wedding cake. We picked these because they are tried and trusted and the stands are affordably priced should you wish to get your own and avoid borrowing one for a £50 deposit, which you would lose if you forget to return on time. Honeymoon any one?

After your wedding, you can always pass the stand on to a friend or family member getting married after you. These wedding cake stands can all be bought from Amazon and delivered to your catering team within three or four days. I suggest you order as soon as your wedding cake booking is confirmed.

Pedestal Cake Stand. Best quality for displaying tiered wedding cakes. Highly recommended.
Silver 14" Round Napier Wedding Cake Stand Base. Looks good, durable and quick delivery.
Gloss black acrylic cake stand from Luminati Waycon. Looks stunning and like an elegant scroll.