Wedding Cupcakes

Buy wedding cupcakes as insurance just in case your wedding cake isn’t enough to go round depending on the number of guests at your wedding. Buying cupcakes is easy. Just add as many as required as an addition to your wedding cake order. 

Cupcakes come in different flavours. The classic moist vanilla sponge or chocolate with frosting and sprinkles for decor is very popular if you are going for everyday cupcakes. Prices for these are an average of £1-£2 each.  It is better you order the cupcake as part of your wedding cake order to save on delivery costs.

Another thing to consider is your wedding cupcakes stand. Make sure your catering or reception staff at your wedding venue can provide them for free or order from a retailer like Amazon. One cupcake stand holds between 20 – 30 cupcakes, so you may need to buy more than one depending on the quantity of cupcakes you want.  The price for cupcake stands on Amazon range from £4 for cardboard made stands to £25 for Acrylic.

In conclusion you can get wedding cupcakes of virtually any flavour and colour you want. The most popular flavours are vanilla and chocolate. Your guests will love them and they make a good substitute if your wedding cake doesn’t go around.  In fact I recommend you buy some cupcakes, especially if as tradition dictates you intend to keep the top tier of your wedding cake for yourself and the groom.

 Here at VG cakes our cupcakes are baked using fresh ingredients and decorated with the same attention to detail as our wedding cakes. To order just add the quantity you want when ordering your wedding cake. Or login to add extras at a later date before your order is due. You can order or design your wedding cake and wedding cupcakes here.