White wedding cakes

White wedding cakes come in different sizes. From the ultra elegant eight tier royal wedding cake to the three or four tiers you can design online.  They are the classic choice for brides opting to marry vintage style, because if we are honest most brides dream of the traditional wedding. White wedding cakes decorated with themed elements are reception centre stage showpieces as well as delectable desserts.

Why choose white rather than ivory? The answer depends on the colours or theme of the wedding. Some brides think white is too bright and can overwhelm or not go well with other colours like yellow. However white icing provides a unique glow and angelic effect for the occasion especially if all white is the chosen colour theme.

White icing is crisp and will show off designs more brightly but also the design mistakes as well if any. Those belong to your wedding cake maker of course (ahem!).  Luckily we ask our customers to tell us how they want their cake to look using this customiser. Helps reduce design mistakes if you know what the cake should look like beforehand.

Covered in cream and white icing rather than ivory, the cakes can be made to order in different flavours of fruit, chocolate, vanilla, champagne sponge or a mixture of these flavours.  Follow wedding cake design steps to come up with the perfect design for your white wedding cake.

Ingredients vary depending on tastes and other dietary requirements but most will contain – eggs, butter cream, marzipan, flavours, nuts, dried fruits, cherries, brandy, fruit preserves, sugar and milk. Vintage Glamour cakes do not add artificial flavours or additives to wedding cakes.

Once you customise your white wedding cake online with flavours and design they are made with fresh ingredients and baked and decorated 48hrs before your wedding. No freezing is involved.  If you have any dietary requirement, ensure to inform your wedding cake maker. We don’t do eggless cakes but will accommodate most other dietary requirements including those for nut allergies or lactose intolerance.

Prices for white wedding cakes range from about £200 in supermarkets to ..i don’t know, how much did the royal wedding cake cost the tax payer?  The more customised and exotic the flavours and designs the more expensive the price. On the website prices are £377 for three tiers and £457 for four tiers. You can find out about cheap wedding cakes here.